Reservations for Christmas masses required

Stained glass depicting the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

As we know, this year's Christmas will be different! To conform to provincial health restrictions, we will continue with five Christmas masses in St Andrews and St Stephen, but capacity in each sanctuary will unfortunately be limited. Parishioners must reserve their space in advance. To reserve, please phone the church office (466-6043) and leave a message, stating the location, time, and number in your immediate household, along with your phone number. We will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Below are the times and locations of the masses:

--St Stephen: 4 pm on December 24
--St Andrews: 7 pm on December 24
--St Stephen: 10 pm on December 24
--St Stephen: 9 am on December 25
--St Andrews: 11 am on December 25