About Us

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Our work and worship

Catholics have lived and worshiped in Charlotte County for at least two centuries. Read some of these stories in our History.

Today we offer dozens of ways in which we help our communities of St Stephen, St Andrews, Campobello Island, and beyond.

Ministries of our Parish

Here are the various ways in which we work and worship in Charlotte County. Contact persons for each of these ministries is provided; please contact Heather in our parish office if you wish to communicate directly with these individuals.

  • Parish Council (Joni Donahue, Tom Knox, May Doyle, Eva Frost, Gail Savoie, Pearl McGregor, Debbie Murphy, Terry Law, Marcel Babineau, Angie Finnie, Mark Petersen)
  • Catholic Women’s League
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Funeral Ministry
  • Visitation of shut-ins
  • Soup Kitchen (Yolande Stewart)
  • Liturgy Committee (Tom Knox, May Doyle)
  • Social Justice & Human Life Ministry (May Doyle, Eva Frost, Gail Savoie)
  • Social-Religious Concerns Commission (Debbie Murphy, Eva Frost)
  • Civil and Ecumenical Commission (Terry Law)
  • Finance Commission (Bill Giddens)
  • Faith Formation Committee (Marcel Babineau)
  • Website (Mark Petersen)