You are welcome here

I've been the priest at this community for over two years now, and during that time we have merged into one parish, the new St Croix Catholic Parish. As one parish serving western Charlotte County, we meet in churches located in St Stephen, St Andrews and on Campobello Island in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

I hope you'll join us in worship. You are always welcome!

--Fr. Suresh Savariraj

Fr Suresh and welcome
St Stephen's Catholic Church

St. Stephen's Catholic Church was first established as a parish in 1838, with the current church building erected in 1863.

Overlooking the St. Croix River and the remains of the 'Old Cotton Mill', specifically the hydro-electric generating station, St. Stephen's Catholic Church is the largest church for miles around, and holds a unique and wonderful history to match its unique and beautiful structure.

The parishioners of St. Stephen's hope and pray that you will enjoy their little section of God’s kingdom.

Catholic Church of St Andrew

Consecrated in 1886, the Church of St. Andrew is a wooden structure built in the modern Gothic style of architecture. Today, parishioners are involved in Parish Council, Youth Group, Catholic Woman's League, Development & Peace and the Guild.

All are cordially welcome to join, share and pray with us.

St Timothy's Catholic Church
This small mission church serves parishioners and islanders on Campobello Island, NB.